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Questions to ask a Fertility Specialist

Before Your First Visit With Your Reproductive Endocrinologist

Consider the following questions:

  1. Have you treated patients with my/our situation before?  What is your success rate with patients like me?

  2. What type of testing do you recommend for me/us?

  3. Will you be the only doctor I see? Who do I contact if I have a question?

  4. What alternative therapies do you recommend? Are there any lifestyle changes you suggest that I/we make?

  5. What is your timeline for our case?

  6. Are there side-effects to medication that I should prepare for?

  7. How many IUIs do you recommend before starting IVF?

  8. How long will you monitor me once I achieve pregnancy?

  9. What do you recommend if you retrieve more eggs than I need for our goal number of embryos? What are my options for any embryos that are not used?

  10. Am I a candidate for a natural IVF cycle?

  11. How much will each treatment cost and who do I contact regarding financials?

  12. What financial programs or grants are available for me?

  13. How do you change your treatment plan if interventions are unsuccessful?

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